Underfloor heating design

Underfloor heating designed to standards: BS EN 1264 & BS EN 12831

The key to every successful underfloor heating system lays in the design. At Thermo Screed we recognise and understand the importance of designing every system to suit each individual house

There are many factors that need to be taken into consideration when undertaking a design, if the design is not carried out correctly the performance of the underfloor heating system could be severely compromised or may not work at all. Once we have received your plans we will study them in fine detail noting construction method and materials used, location regarding exposure to winds (coastal areas or high ground) orientation to the north any many more.

Next we replicate your drawings on our dedicated under-floor heating software and enter all the data relating to the insulation of the building. We will then calculate the heat loss for each room. Once we have calculated the entire heat loss for the house we can then start designing the underfloor heating system.

Having our own design team means that we can be much more flexible during the design stage and can quickly accommodate any alterations to the layout and other requirements as they are specified by the architect, builder or client.  We can prioritise these changes in our system and minimise delays.