We have put together a helpful FAQs section. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, please contact us and a member of our friendly team will be happy to help.

Yes, underfloor heating is up to 25% cheaper to run than radiators with a condensing boiler, and up to 40% cheaper to run with a heat pump.

It’s an area that you wish to control independently via a room thermostat.  It can be one room or multiple rooms but most commonly one.

A manifold is a central distribution point where the under floor heating loops are connected to. It’s also used for control and isolation of the flow of water so that loops/zones can be independently controlled.

This will depend upon the build / renovation schedule of your specific project. Generally, we would advise that the property should be watertight with windows and doors fitted. before the floor heating is installed.

The underfloor heating pipework is guaranteed for 50 years but should last well in excess of this. To ensure the longevity of the pipework and prevent any leaks, the pipework is fully tested during the install stage to detect any leakage and prevent issues later.

In the unlikely event of a leak occurring, it will usually happen at the manifold as the pipes should have been pressure tested before installation. As a result this should make the leak very easy to locate and rectify cost effectively. If the floor is accidentally drilled and a pipe punctured this can be repaired in isolation with a dedicated repair fitting.

The correct floor covering should be carefully considered to ensure heat is not prevented from rising into the room. Thermo screed can give expert advice on floor coverings to ensure the best results without restricting the design of your home.

The Installation of underfloor heating is obviously easier within a new build project, but if designed correctly, you can still enjoy the benefits of heating your property using under floor heat on a retrofit basis. Thermo screed has successfully installed under floor heating for a range of retrofit projects and has gained extensive experience in this field.