Thermoscreed thermoscreed underfloor heating

Thermoscreed are expert installers of underfloor heating.

All of our UFH designs conform with BS EN 1264 standards and are fully indemnified. Underfloor heating or (UFH) for short has become a very popular method of heating in recent years. There are two main types of UFH, these are electric and water (Hydronic). Both are designed to keep your house warm.

A water based underfloor heating screed system however offers significant advantages over an electric system the most important being the running cost. A water based under floor heating system comprises of continuous heating pipe loops encapsulated in floor screed that are connected to a manifold. Warm water is circulated through the pipes, which then emits an evenly distributed heat throughout the house. The floor screed acts as one large radiator.

We source our heating pipe direct from the manufacturer and we make regular visits to the factory see first hand how our pipe is made. Having this relationship we understand where our pipe comes from. The conditions it is manufactured in and the people involved with the manufacturing process. Our heating pipe is now manufactured in the Thermoscreed orange colour with branding.

We have peace of mind that our heating pipes are manufactured to the highest standard. This gives us complete confidence in the guarantee we pass onto our customers once we have embedded the underfloor heating system into the liquid screed.

Thermoscreed install UFH systems in Surrey, West Sussex, Hampshire & Dorset

Underfloor heating
Underfloor heating


  1. Cost to run underfloor heating.
    An average underfloor heating system costs anywhere between 15% – 40% less than a conventional radiator system to run.
  2. Space saving.
    It enables you to design your room using all the room space without having to work around unsightly radiators.
  3. Comfortable Environment
    Underfloor heating provides a much more comfortable environment. The heat surrounds you leaving no cold spots unlike a radiator system where the heat rises leaving your ceiling the warmest part of the room.
  4. Health Benefits
    UFH helps to reduce house dust mites as the moisture content is too low to allure dust mites to life, giving asthma sufferers a much better living environment.
  5. Heating Control.
    UFH is controlled by a thermostat in each room enabling each room to be set to your desired temperature. This means bedrooms can be set to lower temperatures than living areas.
  6. Underfloor Heating Maintenance.
    Underfloor heating systems have no joints in the floor unlike a radiator system which has joints for each radiator. All the pipes and cables return to the manifold allowing easy maintenance as all connections are located in one place (at the manifold).
  7. Warm Floors.
    Underfloor heating system leaves you with a nice warm floor so you can install practical floor coverings without them being cold.
Underfloor heating
underfloor heating systems